1.   Thank you so much for sending me the 1st Charity Steward’s Jewel for our lodge. W Bro E Devenish was the 1st Charity Steward and a Founder of the lodge. Interestingly he may have had a twin – Francis Devenish – same age – was also a founder.I an sure our WM will be pleased to recommend that a donation to charity in Pre Loved Regalia’s name be made at our forthcoming meeting in a couple of weeks time.
Yours Sincerely and Fraternally
Secretary, Minchenden Oak Lodge 5933

2. Can I thank you once again for contacting me regarding the Lodge Water of Leith No 1267 Seventy Fifth Anniversary Jewel. I appreciate the time and effort you have taken to identify and return this Jewel to us. Very much appreciated.Secretary
Lodge Water of Leith No 1267
Thank you for your email dated 17th February 2015. I acknowledge receipt of the Ritual Book dated 1931 mentioned in your letter.
I am deeply grateful to you for your kind thoughts in sending the booklet to me.
I have passed a copy of the booklet to Scribe Ezra of District Grand Chapter-Scottish Constitution E Comp Dilip Sheth.
I should be in London in early May and will try to arrange a meeting to see you.
Your sincerely and fraternally
HJ Nathwani
District Grand Secretary

4. I have now reported the jewel’s return to the Lodge and have been asked t thank you very much indeed for having traced its origin and for returning it to us. We haven’t yet decided what to do with it – one suggestion being that it be passed down and worn from IPM to IPM during his year.

I am now waiting for the Treasurer to let me have a cheque to send to you as a donation which I hope to be able to do in the next few days.
Secretary Evingar Lodge 9512

5. From the Scribe E

Metropolitan Masonic Charity
Met. Grand Lodge
60 Great Queen Street

For the attention of Mrs. C. Hunt.

22nd April 2016

Dear Carol

This Chapter has been pleased to receive from ‘Pre Loved Regalia’, Royal Arch jewels originally presented to one of our past Companions.

I am therefore delighted to comply with a request from E. Comp. Colin G. Ring SLGCR, by making a donation on behalf of Bow Chapter to the MMC of £50, in recognition of the return of these important relics of our history.

Yours sincerely

Robert Parker
Scribe E

8th Jan 2017

6. Dear Bros Darrel and Colin,

Apron & breast jewel received on Saturday morning, thank you both very much for your excellent service.

The quality of the items is first rate and I am very pleased; I will certainly circulate your promotional cards to my various contacts.

With best fraternal greetings,


7. Dear Bros Darrel & Colin

Thank you for the LGR Apron and Collar. They are both in superb condition, as indeed stated on your website. I shall be very proud to wear them when I am invested 3rd November 2016.

I will certainly distribute the preloved regalia cards which you sent me. I hope you are both well and thank you once again for the excellent regalia and also the packaging and for sending them so promptly.

My very best wishes PD Peace & Hope Lodge 5926

8. Dear Bro Darrel & Colin

I hope that my father’s regalia will be able to be passed on and that it will raise some money to go to your Masonic Charity

My Father, George, Joined the Oliver Goldsmith Lodge and was a Mason for many years. He so enjoyed the time that he was involved with his masonic life and I am sure that he would feel very pleased to know that even after his death, he was still helping a Masonic Charity. Thank you for all your help      Pam

9. Dear Colin

The parcel has just arrived all in good order, so thank you for your excellent service.

S & F


10. Donation of a Chapter Jewel by Portsmouth Museum 12/08/2017

11. Dear Darrel

Thank you for your help with sourcing this collarette. I just wanted you to know that it arrived this morning and I have been very happy with the service

Your S&F,


12. Dear Colin and Darrel

The jewel arrived just now, safe and sound, and is exactly what I wanted.  This time I’ll try to look after it.

You provide the most brilliant service

Many many thanks



13 Dear Colin Ring

Thank you for your email, which Mt Ricky has forwarded.

Mr G Tocher was indeed a Founder Member of The Lodge Singapore No 7178, and the Jewel referred to would be his Founder Member Breast Jewel.

The Lodge Singapore No 7178 EC was consecrated in 1952, which is why the Year appears. A photograph of one of the Founder Member Breast Jewel is attached for your reference. I believe that piece with you should be similar.

As it would indeed be an important part of The Lodge’s History which we would preserve, I would be most pleased and obliged to receive it ion behalf of my Lodge members.

Please send it to my Office Address at 111 North Bridge Road #08-12 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098.

On behalf of all the Members of The Lodge Singapore  No 7178 EC. I extend our deepest gratitude for its recovery.

With our very best  regards & many thanks.

Sincerely & fraternally

Ivan CS Lee

Secretary, The Lodge Singapore No 7178

14 I have a while ago received the package, which contains the​​

subject Founder Jewel, which I

​on my Lodge’s behalf ​

accept with deep gratitude & appreciation.

I shall pass your accompanying letter to the Lodge Committee for their reference.

Best regards.

Sincerely & fraternally

Ivan CS Lee
Secretary, The Lodge Singapore No 7178

15. Bro Bill Dowley

On behalf of Athlon Lodge 4674, I would like to thank you for the safe return of our Past Master’s collar jewel, dating from 1960/61, and I am pleased to advise you that one of our Brethren was able find reference to Bro. AA Hanley (to whom it was originally issued), in his own personal Lodge records.

I would also like to thank you for the time and trouble you took in meticulously packaging it up to ensure its delivery be effected in perfect order.

Our treasurer will be making a donation to the Metropolitan Masonic Charity, by way of Bro. Darrel Palmer, as requested.

The service you provide is invaluable, as I believe that it is really important that these historical items are in the possession of their originators, wherever possible.

Bro Ray Baldwin


Athlon Lodge 4674

16. Dear Bill.

The purpose of this e mail is to thank you and your team for returning our lost Grand Chaplain collar jewel. in 2014 Tylney Lodge ,who had returned their warrant, presented us with their Grand Chaplain Jewel as ours was no where to be found. Having our original jewel returned to its rightful home and all the effort and work required in doing so is greatly appreciated by the brethren.

In recognition of your efforts and the Pre Loved Regalia Team the Lodge would like to make a donation of £50 to the Metropolitan Masonic Charity. This donation was approved by the brethren at our Lodge meeting on 21st September and our Treasurer will be making this donation from our Charity Chest with Met Grand Lodge referencing the Pre Loved Regalis Team.

Once again thank you from the brethren of Coborn Lodge for the work you and your team are doing.


S&F John Stew

Secretary Coborn Lodge

17. Dear Darrel and Bill,

I would like to thank you sincerely for contacting me regarding our lost PS Collar and Jewell, and then being very kind to return it to me in to post. This is great service and please pass on my appreciation to all your other volunteers.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Bond of Friendship Chap 4853


Hello Bill and Darrel

Today I have received the Royal Arch Principal’s Jewel.

I have to say that I am more than pleased.  The Jewel is in perfect condition.  I am also very pleased that the payment will be forwarded to a masonic charity.

Your prompt delivery is appreciated. I wouldn’t hesitate to use your collection at  “Pre Loved Regalia” again.

Best regards   Brian

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