Create your own Warband, write your own SAGA!

Designed by talented chap and top chum of the Beast, Alex Buchel of Studio Tomahawk, SAGA is an immersive game of skirmish level conflict between two or more Warlords (you!).and their bands of trusty retainers. The rule-books take you through the rules step-by-step with easy to follow examples and summaries before showing you how to muster your own warband.  There are different scenarios to help you structure your games and each rulebook comes with 4 sturdy card "Battle Boards," (six in SAGA The Crescent & The Cross) one each for the factions covered in the book. The Battle Boards are at the heart of the rules and mastery of them is key to success in these easy to learn, a life-time to master rules.

SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes covers the Viking Age while SAGA The Crescent & The Cross takes the action to Outermer during the Crusades.

Please note, the basic rules in SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes and SAGA The Crescent & The Cross are the same. You can use either set to play SAGA. SAGA The Crescent & The Cross lays the rules out in a slightly different format and to a slightly greater depth with slightly more examples but they are the same rules. You can quite happiliy play your game of SAGA referring to SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes while your opponent uses SAGA The Crescent & The Cross.The occasional small difference may crop up - these are high-lighted in SAGA The Crescent & The Cross - and this book takes precedence over SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes for competition play.

Please note, SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes is often refered to as SAGA Viking Age Skirmishes or the SAGA Rulebook. They are all the same thing and it is actually called SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes.

Published in French by Tomahawk Studios & thankfully available here in English published by Gripping Beast.

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The Crescent & The Cross
The Crescent & The Cross Full colour hardback book, 120 pages. Comes with 6 cards stock B..
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